Apple’s IOS 6 Maps App: Is This What It’ll Look Like?

Just a few weeks back, 9to5Mac reported that Apple would most expected be replacing Google Maps with a company’s possess in-house 3D-equipped maps program for a arriving iOS 6 — and now there competence be cinema to infer it.

Tech news site Boy Genius Report has performed exclusive photos presumably display (blurry) pieces and pieces of Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps focus regulating on an iDevice. The cinema could also only be super close-up shots of a Google Images hunt for “maps” — it’s tough to contend from a pieces and pieces graphic in BGR’s slideshow.


apple maps app

apple maps app

See a rest here.

In addition, a site provided a mockup of a Maps app, that shows off an updated user interface, new navigation bar and a peel-back duty that turns on a app’s 3D mode. (Read a rest of Boy Genius Report’s commentary here.)


apple maps app

As Apple Insider points out, Apple has prolonged been creation moves to severely beef adult a map offerings: Since 2009 a association has acquired Google Maps aspirant Placebase, mapping association Poly9 and, many recently, C3 Technologies, that specializes in 3D mapping.

It’s not improbable to suppose Apple relocating divided from Google Maps. In March, Apple began regulating OpenStreetMap with a iOS iPhoto app in place of Google Maps , not prolonged after Google began charging businesses for entrance to a digital mapping services final October.

In addition, Apple Insider notes that a BGR illustrations allegedly display Apple’s iOS 6 Maps app demeanour a lot like those supposing by OpenStreetMap, an open mapping use offering by a OpenStreetMap Foundation.

According to All Things D, it’s rarely expected a universe will get a improved demeanour during Apple’s new Maps app during a keynote debate of a 2012 Worldwide Developers Conference, that is scheduled to take place at 10 a.m. PT on Monday, Jun 11.

What do we consider of Apple’s arriving Maps app? What could Google Maps on a iPhone do better?

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