BaltTech Intelligence: Baltimore twitter maps, Hunt Valley’s Instagram …

This week was flattering bustling in a land of Baltimore technology. Here are some of a cold things that happened.

* Baltimore Tweet maps: Dave Troy, 410 Labs cofounder, and Chris Whong, conduct of Charm City Networks, collaborated online to arise a map of Baltimore-based tweets. You can try this map’s geo-located tweets from Baltimore people, collected on Aug. 27. Chris even overlayed empty housing on a map, so we can see people tweeting in a midst of, or near, a engorgement of vacants in Baltimore. Expect to see some-more data-driven online partnership among Chris, Dave and others in a tech community, who are fervent to use cheap/free collection — such as Google Fusion Tables — to move all a information together and alive for us.

* Hunt Valley’s Instagram competitor: Lifeclip, a new app that wants to plea Instagram’s hegemony, will entrance Saturday, Sept. 1, in a iPhone App Store. It’s a product of Hunt Valley-based Latman Interactive, a association that creates online games. I’ve played with a app — it’s cold and powerful. And a association seems to have a selling debate on track. It’s Twitter comment already has 161,000 followers. But with all sorts of photo-sharing apps already out there (dozens? hundreds?), can Lifeclip arise above a noise?

* Baltimore’s CIO-MG: Chris Tonjes, who came to Baltimore from DC government, is tasked with a overwhelming plea of modernizing a city’s information record infrastructure. He spoke about what he’s perplexing to do during a Baltimore Tech Breakfast on Wednesday, and he’s been really intent and actively listening in a Baltimore Tech Facebook group. For a good summation of Chris’s speak during a Tech Breakfast, conduct on over to Technically Baltimore (there’s video, too)

* Edutech rising: A Baltimore “edutech” startup called Common Curriculum, disclosed this week by a Securities and Exchange Commission that it has lifted $160,000 in debt out of a designed charity of $320,000. The association creates online program that helps teachers get improved orderly and fast build their curriculum, while also joining improved with students and parents. Vincent Talbert, a cofounder of a successful Bill Me Later, that was bought by EBay/Paypal a few years behind for scarcely $1 billion, is an investor. Scott Messinger is a company’s founder.

* Grand Prix recharged: A Baltimore tech association called NV3 Technologies will entrance a new custom-made trailer that’s means to assign adult to 72 mobile devices, during a Grand Prix of Baltimore this weekend. The association creates interactive kiosks that can fast assign mobile inclination in 15 minutes. It’s also piloting a plan in Baltimore where it’s installing quick-battery chargers in a backs of cab cabs. If a commander goes well, a association will expected enhance a selling to strech cab companies all over a country. we wrote about the association in fact here.


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