Here are the basic hot keys that everyone should know. Knowing these will help a great deal when working on your computer.

Function Action Hotkey Combination
Cut Deletes whatever you have currently selected and
places it into your computer’s clipboard,
ready to be pasted elsewhere in the document.
Ctrl X
Copy Makes a copy of whatever you have currently selected
and places the copy into your computer’s clipboard, ready to be pasted
elsewhere in the document.
Ctrl C
Paste Inserts whatever information is in your computer’s clipboard. Ctrl V
Undo Reverses whatever action you just performed. This is
great if you accidentally delete or mess up your work.
Ctrl Z
Redo Reverses the previous undo action. Ctrl Y
Save Immediately saves your work.  Do
this often so if your computer crashes, you will still have your work
Ctrl S
Open Open a new document. Ctrl O
Find Search your document for specific information. Ctrl F
Replace Search your entire document for specific text and
replace that text with text you type in.
Ctrl H
Print Print your document. Ctrl P
Select All Selects everything in your document. Ctrl A
Help Calls up a help screen for the current application. F1


Navigation Hotkeys

Next Moves you to the next ‘field’ or item in a list or
Next Tab When in a tabbed window, move to the next tabbed
Ctrl Tab
Switch Window Switch to the next open window or application. Alt Tab
Switch Window This is the alternative method of switch to the next
open window or application when using Microsoft Windows.
Windows Tab
Top Takes you to the top of your document. Ctrl Home
Bottom Takes you to the end of your document. Ctrl End
Refresh Redraws or redisplays everything in the current
window. This is particularly useful when browsing the internet.
File menu Displays the ‘File Menu’ for the current application. Alt F
Maximize Makes the window you are working expand to its
largest possible size.
Alt  F10


Common Hotkeys for Working with Text

Bold Make the select text bold. Ctrl B
Italics Make the selected text italics. Ctrl I
Underline Underline the selected text. Ctrl U
Next Word Move to the start of the next word. Ctrl Right Arrow
Previous Word Move to the start of the previous word. Ctrl Left Arrow
Select a block of text. Starting where the cursor is positioned, mark some
text as being selected. This is accomplished by holding
down the Ctrl and Shift keys, then pressing the arrow keys repeatedly
until you have the text you want selected.  This
is a really useful combination when using spreadsheets and word
processing documents!
Ctrl Shift  Any
Arrow Key