DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-05-30 – Double

ODDS AND ENDS | There is a 3 partial talk with AD Kirby Hocutt on Double-T 104.3 that was flattering darned good. He pronounced a lot of engaging things, including that there was a 91% renovation rate for deteriorate tickets for football, really conversational and we enjoyed it.

I had no thought that a Isle of Man motorcycle race even existed before yesterday (via Kottke). The Isle of Man is indeed an island, or isle if we prefer, and is a self-governing Crown Dependency in a UK and these are highlights of a race. we should advise we that a motorcycles are going 200 mph and there are wrecks, though zero gruesome. Just riders literally drifting off a road.

CONFERENCE REALIGNMENT | Bring On a Cats has a illusory three-part array on realignment: Part 1: Why is this happening, Part 2: What matters in realignment and Part 3: Reflect on past predictions. I’d also like to indicate your instruction to Blatant Homerism deliberating UT not wanting to supplement any some-more teams given they don’t wish to play in a discussion championship game:

For all a posturing that takes place during these realignment shenanigans, we don’t see any reason to doubt Dodds and Mack Brown when they contend they truly do wish to sojourn during 10 teams. They perspective a 10-team joining as a easiest track to probable shot during a inhabitant championship.

It’s a microcosm of Texas football. The Longhorns suffer poignant rival advantages over 99 percent of a institutions around a country. Yet, like kids who protest about doing chores around a residence for longer than it takes to indeed do them, Dodds and a Texas coronet seem to rubbish lavish time and appetite perplexing to make certain they get each fathomable corner and care possible. (Consider a ham-handed invulnerability of efforts to publish high propagandize games on a Longhorn Network, for example.) In this case, rather than simply just, yanno, personification a discussion championship diversion and perplexing to win it, UT would cite to discharge a probability of losing it. Yes, it’s a Chauncey position to take, though it strikes me as standard for a course.

FYI, we consider we have listened conduct manager Tommy Tuberville has pronounced that he is in preference of a discussion championship game.

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL | How about that, Texas Tech signee Minta Spears was named as a Parade All-American and afterwards final night she led her Blue Team with 21 points in a TABC all-star game.

BASEBALL | SB Nation Astros blog Crawfish Boxes has a breeze form on CF Barrett Barnes.

FOOTBALL | NewsOK’s Berry Tramel ranks a Big 12 schedules and has Texas Tech passed last. Texas Tech’s non-conference should be passed last, so we can’t complain, though it has traditionally been reduction than stellar given Dykes retired.

RRS.com’s Mike Graham does a QA with WR Dominique Wheeler that is giveaway for your perusal.

Via SB Nation, when a drug liaison strike during TCU and they final a integrate of players, we wasn’t that concerned, though now a actor count is during seven. That’s a lot of poignant players to lose, some starters, some complicated contributors.

This is all flattering most football pron (misspelling intentional): CBS Sports Bruce Feldman does a QA with SmartFootball . . . Shakin The Southland with lots of good things on a Pistol Formation . . .

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