DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-08-09 – Double

ODDS AND ENDS | So this NY Times interactive graphic on any medalist ever in a 100m lurch is flattering cool. Fifty years ago, people were unequivocally slow, brah.

Well, as we all know we like photos and space. Here is 360 scenery high clarification photo and here is a 7 mins of apprehension from when Curiosity strike a Mars atmosphere to landing:

Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror (via carlosreyes11)

This sorta hits tighten to home, yet Larry McMurtry is carrying a outrageous book sale in Archer City and if we could go, we would.

TRACK AND FIELD | Congrats to Sally Kipyego for advancing in a 5,000m! And Micahe Mathieu modernized in a 200m, yet afterwards false starts out of a race.

VOLLEYBALL | Congrats to Miara Cave who was named to a Big 12 preseason volleyball team! Also, LAJ’s Tommy Magelssen writes about a unequivocally immature team, usually dual seniors, that conduct manager Don Flora earnings and Texas Tech was picked next to final in a preseason poll.

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL | The basketball report was expelled and we can check it out during a official site and LAJ’s Tommy Magelssen has some quotes from conduct manager Kristy Curry.

MEN’S BASKETBALL | Rush a Courtt is looking during all of a Big 12 teams this summer and they have their outline on Texas Tech:

Texas Tech basketball is on life support right now. Forget TCU — this is a module with a many apocalyptic conditions in a new Big 12. Bob Knight and all his excellence competence not have ever reached an chosen turn in Lubbock, yet his staff postulated a indication module and overachieved to strech 4 NCAA Tournaments. With a assistance of his son, Pat, he recruited plain four-year players and built a leader during a place with small basketball support. He squeezed any bit of life out of prospects and grown stars like Jarrius Jackson and Martin Zeno. He even coached adult a school’s all-time heading scorer in Andre Emmett nearby a commencement of his tenure. Eventually, though, Knight ran out of gas, and Pat was not adult to a challenge. When Bob resigned, his recruiting had depressed off and a module had slipped, and Pat only never recovered. That left Billy Gillispie in this hulk mess. It unequivocally could take years to get out of this one. That’s because Year One was a finish throwaway.

Pretty most this. There will be alleviation this year. It competence only be incremental, yet it’s going to get improved this year. You can also review all of a summaries for all Big 12 teams.


The coaches were apparently not happy with a appetite yesterday. The bid was good, yet a appetite was not. LAJ’s Don Williams and Nick Kosmider has a cover and here’s conduct manager Tommy Tuberville on a appetite situation:

“Disappointed in a intensity,” he said. “We got in a lurch a initial integrate of days, and afterwards currently we got in a routine, got to feeling contemptible for ourselves a small bit, that is normal, yet it ain’t normal for a group that got a boundary churned final year. If we’re going to win some games, we’re going to have to manager and use like a group that’s going to win any game.”

Also remarkable in pronounced cover is that Michael Starts has been changed to defensive tackle rather than defensive end, a coaches saying that he doesn’t have a speed to play outside, yet is clever adequate to play inside.

Defensive finish manager Robert Prunty and defensive tackle Fred Tate spoke after use and after a burst are non-transcripts:


DE manager Robert Prunty: Pete Robertson is some-more bomb off his legs, Joe Walker has finished a good job. we knew he could rush a passer and we wanted to see how he would hoop a run, yet during 230 he can reason his own. He has good arm strength, Pete is forward of schedule, generally opposite a run. Branden Jackson is removing improved any day. He needs to use his hands better. He’s removing by his retard progressions. When we come from a JUCO we have to adjust, once we go by a program, it takes time to adjust. Once they are in a program, afterwards guys are relocating improved and know how to control their physique during a Division we level. Michael Starts is powerful, in a inside drill, he’s tough to move.

DL manager Fred Tate: First day of pads was okay, not as eager as initial day. Get in a film room and see because there is a problem. Most unchanging is Kerry Hyder, and Delvon Simmons, and Dennell Wesley, yet unchanging is Hyder. Leadership has to be out here any day, yet if it comes from a teammate it means tha tyou are vouchsafing that actor down. This is a flitting league, need to have 4 or 5 guys that can com ein and out to keep them fresh. Starts is a large guy, yet his physique won’t let him do that. He’s unequivocally raw, keep operative on fundamentals.

LAJ’s Don Williams profiles S Austin Stewart, a man that was strike by a bus. There’s video there that is sorta humorous and of all things, we suspicion that Stewart has an engaging accent. Here’s Tuberville on Stewart:

“He’s worked a lot with a other safeties in a offseason and a summer,” Tech manager Tommy Tuberville said. “He’s got all a ability in a world. He’s got a frame. He’s got a speed. He’s got a quickness, and when we pull adult a antecedent for a safety, that’s what you’re looking for.”

Meet a dual low continues with WR Eric Ward:

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