Friday Four: The Top Non-Facebook IPO Related Stories This Week

Since I, for one, am boycotting many tech blogs and usually checking Twitter when indispensable now due to Facebook IPO overload, we suspicion I’d share some of a some-more engaging news that competence have slipped by a cracks while a rest of a universe is buzzing about Facebook’s share price. Here are 4 non-Facebook associated tech news equipment we won’t wish to skip this week:

Verizon pisses off constant customers- As a Verizon subscriber, we was sincerely distraught to hear that a association will shortly be doing divided with a total information plans they’ve offering to ‘grandfathered’ business for a past few years. No longer will my friends on ATT demeanour during me longingly as we compensate usually $30 per month to tide Pandora while downloading cinema and checking Twitter as mostly as we want.  As early as this summer, we will be forced to pierce to a tiered devise and share information with my music-streaming-loving husband. (Hello, overage charges!) The one loophole we see in all of this is that we am now authorised for an upgrade, and thus, I’ll have to pointer another dual year agreement with Verizon.  Since a tiered skeleton aren’t utterly ready, that means we could (potentially, exclusive any uncanny loopholes) be ‘grandfathered’ in to total information for during slightest a subsequent dual years.  Looks like I’ll be creation a revisit to a Verizon store this weekend.

Amazon annoys Kindle Fire owners with ads- If we possess a Kindle Fire, be prepared to accept a sales representation each time we spin on your device.  Earlier this week, Amazon announced their skeleton to sell promotion on a acquire screen of a Kindle Fire.  Well, technically, Amazon didn’t announce anything. An executive during an ad group with Ad Age told a media that Amazon had pitched his group on a new program, earnest that they would be a partial of a ‘major PR campaign’ should they select to spend $1 million on a Kindle Fire acquire shade ad buy.  Ad executives during other agencies confirmed–off-the-record–that Amazon had also pitched them on a ad buy, though so distant no one has concluded to a deal.  Rumor has it, a smallest buy is $600,000 and Amazon is incompetent to pledge strech during this point.  So, maybe this unequivocally isn’t an ad that will provoke Kindle Fire owners after all. (In other Kindle Fire associated news, Amazon is reportedly formulation a 10.1 in. inscription to contest with a iPad. we consternation how many income they’ll remove on THIS one.)

Updated Weather Channel app helps we gimlet your friends- we can’t be too judgmental. I’m usually as guilty of articulate about a continue as a subsequent gal. It’s my go-to ‘I have no suspicion what to contend to this person’ criticism or question, though my-oh-my is it a tedious topic.  Now, interjection to The Weather Channel’s updated iPhone app, I’ll be means to say an impossibly lifeless review for a few additional minutes.  With easy entrance to tide continue conditions, temperatures and–wait for it–36 hour forecasts, my weather-related review will no longer be singular to ‘Gosh, it certain is sunny’ or ‘Man, we wish it was warmer;’ though will now take on a some-more brazen meditative nature. Bonus: The Weather Channel app has updated amicable media formation so we can put my Facebook friends to nap with weather-related salivate too.

Twitter becomes technology’s horseman in resplendent armor..sorta- First they attempted to end a obvious wars, afterwards they refused to share a tweets of Occupy Wall Street protester Malcolm Harris, and this week Twitter announced that they are partnering with Mozilla to implement a ‘do not track’ option that Mozilla offers for a Firefox browser.  If it sounds too good to be true, it’s substantially since it kind of is.  In sequence for a ‘do not track’ choice to work, both users and websites need to opt in to a service, something that Mozilla says usually 8.6% of desktop users and 19% of mobile users have selected to do so far.  Additionally, advertisers will still be means to lane Twitter users who click on ‘promoted tweets’ in their categorical stream. So, good for we Twitter. Way to quarrel a remoteness fight, even if it is with a bit of a blunt sword.

Well, there we have it, folks.  The week in non-Facebook associated news.  Lots of other things happened too.  The Woz is weighing in on Steve Jobs biopic.  HP competence be doing layoffs and China loves a Windows Phone.

What about you? What was your favorite non-Facebook associated tech story this week?

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