Norwegian Carrier Takes In-Flight Content to Higher Plane

Norwegian Air Shuttle, one of Scandinavia’s biggest airlines, announced that in 2013 it will deliver a new-age in-flight party system.

According to The New York Times, a ascent will safe in-flight media into a digital age.

Carried out with Ink, that provides magazines for some 30 ubiquitous carriers, a Norwegian Air Shuttle use will embody giveaway WiFi and entrance to an array of digital content, including videos, song and transport articles that will be delivered to passengers’ smartphones, inscription and laptops.

While a series of airlines have upgraded in-flight digital offerings — for example, downloadable newspapers and magazines, or a wider collection of cinema — a services tended to work offline. Norwegian Air Shuttle is opposite in that it will work from a dedicated online portal and be delivered on a carrier’s WiFi services.

The new record will open adult innumerable possibilities — like, for instance, charity passengers certain articles depending on where they’re going, or vouchsafing them give social-media-esque feedback, an Ink exec said.

The airline’s in-flight repository will also be reworked to embody references to a online services.

Apple Cleans Up Siri in China

Heeding a open conflict — or during slightest state-media reports of a open conflict — Apple’s Siri use is no longer responding questions about where to find prostitutes.

According to The China Daily, a Siri app, that was usually recently versed to pronounce Chinese, was responding to queries such as, “Where can we find hookers?” by inventory bars and clubs.

This week, however, Siri is responding that it can’t find any.

As The China Daily points out, Siri’s shameful answers were among a many discussed things on Chinese amicable media.

Prostitution is bootleg in China.

Finnish ISP Loses Pirate Bay Fight

The autarchic justice in Finland deserted a box from Finnish Internet use provider Elisa, that sought to equivocate carrying to make an sequence to retard The Pirate Bay.

According to a BBC, a Finnish anti-piracy core and IFPI — a organisation representing a tellurian song attention — filed fit to ask a ban.

Elisa refused from a off, yet after determined a district justice sequence to exercise a block. At a same time, though, it filed an interest with an appeals justice and, later, with a autarchic court.

The UK has been heading Europe’s quarrel opposite The Pirate Bay and robbery in general. UK courts systematic a ISPs to retard The Pirate Bay final spring; recently, a British recording attention organisation asked vital ISPs to retard 3 some-more renouned file-sharing sites.

Chinese Gov’t Officials Take to Social Media

There are some-more than 50,000 Chinese supervision officials on Sina weibo — a nation’s many renouned Twitter-like use —
according to Tech In Asia (citing a Chinese news from Sina).

Weibo use among supervision officials has some-more than doubled over a past year, a essay says. Also, about 33,000 of a accounts paint supervision bodies, and about 18,000 paint particular officials.

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